Essentially freediving developed through spearfishing. These days though the activities are a little more divided.

A lot of spearos are great freedivers, able to do deep and long dives with basic equipment and spend hours in rough, cold water that most “competition freedivers” wouldn’t even enter. But spearfishing does not have the safest track record because most spearos have never had any kind of breath holding education. Plus it’s easy to lose concentration when the fish of your life is just a little bit deeper.

This training program is made specifically for spearos needs, focused primarily on safety but also on prolonging breath hold times and working on reaching greater depths. The first day is busy! We have about 5 hours of theory, breathing and relaxation exercises and two sessions in open water (ocean or lake). One session is approximatelly one hour. The second day we have two hours of theory, one stretching session and one deepest open water session so you have the afternoon free. If you are interested in additional or more advanced training for spearos then that can easily be arranged so you can dive deeper and longer in a safer way for you and your buddies.

The topics covered in this workshop:

  • Basic of human physiology
  • Breathing and Apnea
  • Prolonging bottom times
  • Relaxation
  • Equalization techniques
  • Safety rules
  • Rescue practise
  • Technique of movements under water