Stress management

The only training program in the world that applies mental control techniques used by extreme athletes to daily life and corporate environment.


When I dive deep, I am in state of FLOW. My mind focuses exclusively on one thing – my performance. Losing track of time when you’re absorbed in fulfilling work or another engaging activity, ‘flow’ is a familiar state for most of the people – even non-divers. It is a a state that is characterized by being fully present in the ‘now’, without trying to make anything different. When in FLOW – we do our work faster and better.

How often do you think about everything else just not about the important thing you have to concentrate on? Are you mindless or mindfull?

I can not afford  to panic during the dive. I have to be concentrated but relaxed as well. One negative thought could lead to panic that can be fatal. To think positive is some of my greatest help. Positive Psychology aims to discover what makes us thrive.

 ‘What contributes to happiness?’, ‘What habits and actions can build personal resilience?

Some of the topics included in the workshop are individual symptoms of stress, stress mapping, stability zones, relaxation techniques, biofeedback, pressure and stress, physical outlets, management of the personal work environment.

Learn how to identify the main physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms of stress in yourself. Only way how to deal with stress is to be able to understand what makes us stressed at the first place. When training freediving we must learn to recognize stress and obtain a state of relaxation. Freediving offeres an unique way to learn how to handle stress and how to use positive thinking in order to relax.