Katarina has been a free diver and adventurer for several years now and is constantly pushing her human limits further and further. As a result of her  extreme dives, records and international expeditions, Katarina has gained incredible experience in self-development activities and stress managment.

With a great deal of objectivity and passion, Katarina has been able to share her experience with companies.
“Hapiness is a state of mind. We can decide if we want to be happy or not. We can change our life by changing our attitude towards it. If we do something with a passion, we will succeed ”

Katarina addresses a number of various themes, and develops certain aspects according to audience requirements:

Katarina is a proffesioanl  speaker  presented internationally and participating in talks for companies, associations, schools or during special events and festivals. Through true and unbelievable experiences and images she tells an engaging story that brings to life her passion for extreme sport, adventure and people.

She provides public speaking to motivate and inspire others in reaching their goal and going out of the comfort zone in order to pursuit a dream. The audience considers Katarina´s spirit  as a true source of personal and professional inspiration.

To book Katarina to be a speaker at your event, please contact her via email