Katarina is a world class 
free dive athlete representing Slovak Republic and stress management mentor certified by British Psychological Association. She became a woman with the third deepest dive on the world in CWT discipline by reaching depth of 85m when she was 20 years old, just 8m short of the world record. Katarina is setting a new perspective of what we humans are capable of, as for her freediving is not just a sport. It is also a therapy and training that is crucial in her research of stress and its cures and management. Most of all, it is an art of living passionate life to the fullest.

Katarina was born in Bratislava, capital city of Slovak Republic, on the 4th of January 1993. Her main focus lies in deep free diving disciplines, her studies of stress and in exploring the world‘s nature and cultural heritage. Katarina is actively involved in several projects concerning sustainable development. She is a host of various international summits where she shares her experiences and stories with public and her partners. She is brand ambassador, act in films, coach private corporate teams in stress management, do public speeches and is occasionally working as an underwater model.

Katarina faced hard times when she became nearly immobile due to an autoimmune disease at a young age and was absolutely dependent on medication. During this period she discovered freediving with her trainer Martin Zajac which helped her through the medical treatment. Through freediving she regained her health and these days is still benefitting from the sport which has become her profession  and core of her unique stress management programs.