Katarina is a
professional free diver and adventurer with the ability to free dive to a depth below 90m on a single breath of air. She became third deepest woman in the world when she was 20 years old, just 8m short of the world record. Katarina is setting a new perspective of what we humans are capable of, as for her freediving is not just a sport. It is also the art of living passionate life to the fullest by submersing herself in sport and unique cultural experiences.

Katarina was born in Bratislava, capital city of Slovak Republic, on the 4th of January 1993. Today she lives the life of an athlete and adventurer. Her main focus lies in deep free diving disciplines, her studies of stress, ecopsychology and in exploring the world‘s nature and cultural heritage.

Katarina is an official representative of Slovak republic in freediving. She is offering different programs for public and her partners. Few are listed below:

• Motivational speaches at festivals and corporate events
• Expedition leadership – freediving, sailing and outdoor adventures around the world
• Stres management workshop – applying freediving principles and positive psychology to daily life and work
• Team building, self-improvement activities and sustainable development programs
• Freediving courses and education for general public
• Underwater modeling and art

• Third deepest woman in the world in CWT discipline (AIDA 2013)
• One of the few woman in the world who has freedived under the ice, 1500m above the sea level (Popradské pleso, Slovak republic, December 2014)
• 8 times Slovakian National Record Holder
• 4 times bronze medalist and 3th overall winner at Suunto Vertical Blue competition, Bahamas, 2015
• Winner of OceanGuest freediving competition 2015, San Andreas, Colombia

Katarina is actively involved in several projects concerning sustainable developmet that are mainly leaded by Dr.Robert Hofrichter and Mare-Mundi organization. Katarina is highly aware about the importance of ocean conservation. She is establishing a relationship between human and the ocean while showing others the beauty of being free in the sea with no need of an technical devices.

Katarina faced hard times when she became nearly immobile due to an autoimmune disease at a young age and was absolutely dependent on medication. During this period she discovered freediving with her trainer Martin Zajac which helped her through the medical treatment. Through freediving she regained her health and these days is still benefitting from the sport which has become her lifestyle and inspiration.


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